Gastronomy is one of the best ways of approaching the essence of a people. The cuisine of the Sobrarbe region contains a wide range of simple dishes, prepared with local products and unsing ancestral techniques.

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Because of their excellent taste we strongly recommend beef and lamb from Sobrarbe. A must try dish that is available in all the restaurants from the area.

We can highlight some typical dishes such as the ajoarriero (a paste of potato, egg, oil and garlic), the chireta (Aragonese type of haggis), mountain lamb, el cordero a la pastora (shepherd's lamb), la gallina en pepitoria (i.e., chicken dish), rabbit in chocolate sauce or belsetana soup. Noteworthy are also desserts such as pastillos de nuez (walnut pastry, a typical Christmas sweet) or crespillos, similar to the fritters with leaves of borage or spinach inside.

This is a typical mountain cuisine, where unique animal races and horticultural species have grown which have been the staple food for its inhabitants throughout their history.

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Many of these products are currently on the menu in restaurants and on the shelves in food establishments. A large number of locally-grown products are gathered under the name Sobrarbe Products.

Gastronomy in Sobrarbe