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Sierra de Guara Nature Park

The Nature Park of the Sierra de Guara is located in the centre and to the North of the outer mountain ranges. With a completely different landscape to the one found in the middle and high mountains of the Pyrenees, its beauty lies in the spectacular canyons carved by water, the high mallos (i.e., giant conglomerate towers, very popular among climbers) that create extraordinary landscapes, as well as the abysses, caves and other geological formations shaped by the erosive action of water.

The forests of Mediterranean character, where oak trees abound, alternate with pastures, especially near the highest peak of the Park, the Tozal de Guara.

Its famous narrow and deep canyons conceal endemic plants, such as the Pyrenean violet or the King's Crown.

Its rocky walls shelter birds such as the griffon vulture, Egyptian vulture, the golden eagle or the bearded vulture.

Guara offers a unique as well as cultural heritage. In these canyons, between the steep walls, you can discover cave paintings in the basin of the river Vero.

You can find more information on the website of the Nature Park of Sierra de Guara