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Posets-Maladeta Nature Park

The Posets-Maladeta Nature Park is a synonym for high mountains, a reserve where more than 70% of its surface lies above 1,800 m height. Peaks such as Aneto, Posets, Maladeta, Culfreda, Batchimale or Perdiguero are above 3,000 m. Spectacular mountain scenery, glaciers and about a hundred gorgeous lakes and waterfalls are concentrated in the highest Nature Park of the Pyrenees.

The Park includes the municipalities of San Juan de Plan and Gistaín (the valley of Chistau, Sobrarbe) and Sahún, Benasque and Montanuy in the region of the Ribagorza.

The river Cinqueta crosses the valley of Chistau, a valley dedicated to livestock. Meadows and Scots pine forests contrast with the rugged rocks of massifs such as Pico Posets. And this vegetation harbours a variety of fauna. Wood grouses, martens, rock ptarmigans, marmots and Pyrenean chamois live in this reserve.

Valley of Chistau trails
You can find more information at the Park´s Interpretation Centre in san Juan de Plan

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