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Adventure Sports


The range of climbing activities is wide and varied. The rugged geography, with high walls of granite, limestone, conglomerate... has given birth to excellent sites for enjoying this sport.

In the Pyrenees, we can find a good number of well-equipped climbing schools that cover all levels in areas such as Bielsa, Las Devotas, Bujaruelo, Ligüerre de Cinca, Plan and Torla. Most of them are located in an incomparable setting and with routes ranging from the fourth to the eighth grade.

For those wishing to enter the world of climbing, the local adventure companies offer beginner's and regular courses for all levels.

Aguas Blancas

Senderos Ordesa

Sports EKM

T-T Aventura

Aventura Raid Sarratillo

Nómadas del Pirineo

Another option is the via ferrata. A route on rock, usually with little gradient, where physical condition and strength are not that important, since all kinds of supports placed on the wall are used to make the ascent easier.