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Family hiking

Within the extensive network of trails that run through this region, there are many routes suitable for children and family. Walking in the neighbourhood of small villages of the Pyrenees, some of them already abandoned, visiting churches, the remains of castles which are situated in impressive settings.

Like the castle of Samitier, the monastery of San Victorian, the uninhabited village of Janovas, on the banks of the Ara River or the esconjuradero of Guaso (i.e., a small temple built between 16th and 18th century meant for rituals), with a superb panoramic view over the river Ara and the Pyrenees.

But there are also easy paths in the most beautiful settings of the valleys of the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park. All of these excursions are appealing to the younger ones. A source, a lake, a small bridge, the ruins of a castle or the discovery of an animal will arouse the curiosity of the younger members of the household.

Here are some suggestions for family enjoyment. Discover them!

Easy routes for children

Family activities in Sobrarbe