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Areas and Valleys

Valley of Chistau

The river Cinqueta irrigates this Valley, one of the most authentic of the Pyrenees. Protected at the headwaters by the Natural Park of Posets - Maladeta, visitors of the Valley of Chistau are surprised by the landscape of contrasts full of green meadows, high mountain massifs and villages that preserve their own personality, their traditions, their own language and their customs.

Many excursions are particularly memorable: Bordas de Viadós, Cruz de Guardia y Punta Suelza (2,972 m) or the famous lake "Basa de la Mora".

Apart from nature, the villages have preserved their traditions such as Carnival, la falleta de San Juan (similar to "bonfires of Saint John"), dances and popular costumes, traditional architecture and folk crafts.

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