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Areas and Valleys


Tella is a mysterious place, a balcony over the Valley of Cinca, which it dominates at a height of 1,350 m. Built on top of a hill, its traditions, legends and churches beg us to pay a visit.

Noteworthy is the megalithic dolmen, at one kilometre distance from the village, and the route of the hermitages. It is possible to take a trail from the village of Tella that will lead you to the three hermitages built in a beautiful setting, with stunning views over the Valley of Escuaín, Castillo Mayor and the river Cinca.

Another interesting excursion is the route to the Miradores de Revilla, from Lamiana to Revilla. Views of the Gorges of Escuaín.

In Lafortunada you can visit the ecomuseum about electricity. Not far from there you can visit the Badaín village and its beautiful 11th-century church.

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