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Areas and Valleys

Valley of La Fueva

La Fueva is one of the unknown valleys of Sobrarbe. A refuge of tranquillity, very interesting because of the beauty of its nature and its landscape. It harbours true heritage gems.

San JuŠn de Toledo: an 11th-century Romanesque church with splendid 16th-century frescoes. National Monument.

Muro de Roda: a Romanesque and fortified walled enclosure. Impressive scenic view.

Sanctuary of Bruis: close to Palo. Place of devotion for the inhabitants of La Fueva.

Countless villages and towns with typically Pyrenean buildings: LujŠn, Trillo, Troncedo, Pano, etc.

The Valley of La Fueva, of which the main economic activity has always been agriculture and livestock, is currently paying more attention to another activity which is essential for the local economy, namely rural tourism.