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Areas and Valleys

Valley of the River Cinca

This valley, a natural path to the Pyrenees, is guarded by several medieval fortresses built for defensive purposes.

Morillo de Tou and Ligüerre de Cinca: a clear example of restored villages that were completely in ruins.
Coscojuela and Camporrotuno: places where one can discover great mansions and towers such as the one situated in Coscojuela, which is certainly worth a visit.

Castejón de Sobrarbe: hidden in the haven of peace of this region, it boasts a wonderful 16th-century church.

Samitier: an 11th-century military and religious ensemble raised on an impressive precipice over the Entremon Strait. Impressive scenic view


Olson: Magnificent 16th-century parish church in Aragonese Gothic style, called "The Cathedral of Sobrarbe". It is a National Monument.

Abizanda: Formidable fortified tower, a masterpiece of 11th-century Lombard architecture. You can also visit the Museum of Religion and Popular Beliefs in the Pyrenees, as well as another museum dedicated to the world of puppets.