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Areas and Valleys

Sierra de Guara and the Biello Sobrarbe

The Nature Park of the Sierra and the canyons of Guara are located halfway between Sobrarbe and Somontano. It is paradise in Europe for canyoning lovers.

On the road to the Sierra (i.e., the mountain chain), it is worth visiting the tower and the esconjuradero of Guaso (i.e., a small temple built between 16th and 18th century meant for rituals) as well as Sta. María de Buil with its Church of San Martín, an 11th-century Lombard Romanesque building designated as National Monument.

Arcusa, Paules, Almazorre, Bárcabo, places of rough and noble houses, built with a clearer type of stone that is typical of this area.


The Cultural Park of the river Vero, a sanctuary of cave paintings, extends between Lecina and Alquézar. In Colungo there is a centre dedicated to this subject.

Adventure sport lovers will find their paradise in Guara: canyoning, rock climbing, caving, paragliding... Not to mention the numerous hiking and mountain biking trails.