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Areas and Valleys

Torla and Bujaruelo

If there is a place that seems to be a gift from nature, it must be Torla and its municipality. Situated at an altitude of 1,032 m and with the impressive Mondarruego dominating the landscape, Torla welcomes you in the Valley of Ordesa.

A stroll through its streets is like stepping into the middle ages. Noteworthy are the Church of San Salvador, the Castle and the 13th-century main square. Nearby we find the traditional villages of Fragen, Viu de Linás or Linás de Broto.

In Bujaruelo, an essential valley located in front of the valley of Ordesa, one can enjoy the exceptional fauna and flora, including many protected and unique species from the Pyrenees. When you reach San Nicolás de Bujaruelo, you will find a refuge hostel located among the meadows and close to the Romanesque bridge that marks the way to France. From this meadow there are a fair number of trails of varying difficulty that run along the massifs of Tendeñera, Vignemale and Taillon; valleys of Otal, Ordino and Alto Ara; or the Lakes of Lapazosa or Bernatuara.


All the seasons of the year are wonderful, but if we had to highlight one, our choice would be the autumn. A period in which the ground and the tree crowns are covered by a blanket of brown and red shades. A home of peace, calm and serenity.

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