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Valley of Broto

Nestled in the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees, the valley of Broto has a confirmed tourist tradition, already evident in the descriptions made by the first discoverers and disseminators of the Pyrenees.
Its villages, settled at around 900 m height and protected from the northern winds by the impressive natural wall named Mondarruego, enjoy a pleasant climate that makes it an ideal setting for undertaking leisure activities for persons of all ages.

Its wide variety of landscapes, of which Ordesa constitutes the best example, allows visitors to make simple excursions along the river or discover glaciers and peaks of over 3,000 m. Other sports can be done such as climbing, canoeing, paragliding, big-game hunting and trout fishing.

The villages retain their rural and mountainous nature, their Pyrenean architecture and their traditional ways of life. Let yourself be surprised by their medieval atmosphere and their evocative corners. Enter and discover by yourself.

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