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Areas and Valleys


"Territorium Boletanum" (beautiful ground) as the Romans used to say, has been since ancient times a strategic enclave that oversees the Ara Valley.

Thus, above the historic centre stand the remains of an 11th-century castle, with a hexagonal-based tower and a walled enclosure. A nice trail, of about 20 minutes, ascends from the village to the ruins of the Castle.

It is worth venturing into the old town and roaming the narrow and steep streets. You will discover beautiful places among the houses that are excellent examples of the local architecture. The 16th-century church, dedicated to the apostle Saint Peter, is in Gothic style and was built on the foundations of a 13th-century Temple. Noteworthy are the choir stalls which come from the monastery of San Victorián.

It is worth mentioning that the nearby hidden and solitary Valley of Sieste is a place of ponds and natural bathing areas. And also the mount of Santa Marina, a one-and-a-half hour ascent that starts at the small village of Ascaso, known for its famous sundial.

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