Who are we?

The Asociación Empresarial Turística de Sobrarbe is a non-profit organisation that was established in March 2001 and that stretches its professional field to the activities performed by the companies involved, especially those located in the Sobrarbe region. Its generic purpose is to represent, manage, promote and protect the socio-economic interests that its members have in common. The most specific aims refer to:
- Achieving agreements with unified criteria about the establishment of the guidelines for resolving problems which are common to the association members.
- Informing and advising the entrepreneurs affiliated to the Association in all matters that may offer a professional interest, providing the necessary services for it.
- When matters broadly involving the interests of entrepreneurs in the Association are discussed, we inform, advise and negotiate with the Central, Regional, Provincial and Local Government.
- Any other objective involving a socio-economic interest common to the majority of the members of the Association.